Having the opportunity to photograph your wedding day is so special to me. For me, it’s like y’all are  inviting me to be a member of the fam for the day!

My base camp is Colorado.

I am constantly in awe at the views ready to explore another trail!


I’m a Nikon gal!

And I usually carry 

all my gear in 

a very large fanny pack.

Yeah, I’m a bit of a geek!

This is Mr. Jax,

my side kick,

my favorite fur ball!

If you need more

photos of this guy…

I love coffee! 

Like I might be

addicted to it,


But it sure does get

me up in the morning!

Backpacking is my jam

in the summer time!




Going on adventures 

to see what’s around

the next corner of the trail

or a new city makes

my heart go soaring.

Road biking keeps me in shape! 

Swimming with whale sharks.

Learning to ski…. it’s hard for a boarder! 

Hot air balloon ride in someplace beautiful!

Sailing around the Mediterranean.

Traveling to Italy for the Via Ferrata in the Dolomites.

Hike napali coast!

Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef.

Climb Ancient Art in Utah.

Matt is my adventure partner,

my sweetheart,

my drinking buddy,

my main squeeze,

 my love!

Most of the time,

I’m a bit of a goofball!

No need to be worried

to show your silly self

around me… 

you will be in

good company!

The beach will always be home! (HEHE, I think I might be related to Ariel.)




I love being in the

great outdoors! 

That’s why a 

Sounthern gal

leaves the South…



The past few years I have fallen in love with this dry land, it’s  like being on another planet!

Prefer some old fashion email?


Or better yet, a tele: 770.6561355 🙂

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